New Brand Announcement - Accion Opportunity Fund
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Say hello to Accion Opportunity Fund

For decades, two organizations, Accion US Network and Opportunity Fund, fought side by side to break down barriers to financial inclusion. We moved hundreds of millions in capital, created tailored products for hard-working entrepreneurs, and fought for legal protections for small business owners. 

In 2020, we realized we could accomplish even more together, so we joined forces with a singular goal: Build a financial support system that lifts up entrepreneurs regardless of where or who they are. Read the press release

Now, in 2021, we are proud to introduce our new brand. We’ve launched a new look and a new website to support our efforts to build an inclusive, healthy financial system that opens opportunities for the nation’s small business owners. Learn more.


Our New Logo

The new Accion Opportunity Fund logo revolves around the idea of creating change. A transformational shift in the small business lending space. The triangles within our logo pivot in different directions to visually communicate this shift. This symbol is designed with an upwards slant to connote ideas of growth, prosperity, optimism, and rising up. Our colors represent the diversity of our clients and the communities we serve.

accion opportunity fund

Our New Website

We are so excited to have you here on our new website! Check out all the things you can do on

  • Apply for a Loan Online

    We offer loans in a range of sizes, with flexible payment schedules, provided through our lending arm Opportunity Fund.

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  • Explore Articles & Programs

    From payroll to marketing, our resource library can get you answers to almost any question about running your business.

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  • Speak with a Business Coach

    We provide more than just loans — we also offer coaching, programs, and access to a variety of support networks.

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