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One-on-One Coaching

AOF Business Coaching Services Hub

Comprehensive, one-on-one advice for your business is available with AOF’s business coaching services.

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Get Trusted Coaching for Your Business

Accion Opportunity Fund connects thousands of entrepreneurs with affordable capital each year, but we know there’s a lot more to business success than just the cash. That’s why we offer one-on-one, customized business coaching services with expert business coaches to small business owners across the country.

Please schedule only one coaching session at a time. All of our coaches are qualified to assess your small business needs and can connect you with other coaches as needed.

Access to Capital

Which type of capital is right for me? Am I ready for a small business loan?

Learn the best methods to attain capital, such as business loans, grants, or investments. Take steps to prepare to access capital.

Business & Start-Up Strategy

Which business model is right for me? What should go in my business plan?

Find out how to create and improve your business strategy, increase sales, or grow your business, from first idea to reaching your goals.

Certification & Procurement

What are the benefits of certification? How do I start the process?

Learn how to get certified as a minority or woman owned business, and/or get more information on how to prepare and attain contract work.

Commercial Leasing & Real Estate

How do I make sure my landlord’s lease terms are fair to me?

Get guidance on renting out a commercial space, assistance in reviewing a lease agreement, or assistance buying commercial real estate.

Financial Management

How do I find out how much money my business is making?

Improve your financial reporting by establishing better bookkeeping practices. Get assistance on preparing financial statements like profit and loss and cash flow.

Legal Support

How do I protect my brand name and intellectual property? Do I need a copyright or patent?

Receive resources and information on how to wordsmith contracts, waivers, disclaimers, and confidentiality agreements to reduce liability, mitigate risk, and protect assets.

Marketing & Social Media

Is paid social media marketing really worth it? How can my website get me more customers?

Discuss how to improve your marketing efforts and goals. Learn more about marketing strategies, building websites, or improving social media presence.

Operations & Human Resources

What should be in my employee handbook? When am I ready to write standard operating procedures?

Learn to standardize business operations and human resources systems. Get help with hiring, HR compliance, standardizing internal operation procedures, etc.

Meet AOF’s Network of Business Coaches

Accion Opportunity Fund works with a broad network of trusted professional business coaches to provide expert advising to entrepreneurs across the United States. Read on to learn more about our network of business coaches who can help you reach your goals.

Angelina is a marketing and procurement expert

Angelina Ramirez

New York, NY

Angelina is a marketing and procurement expert with 20+ years of experience in Corporate America and nonprofits. She’s President of the Amblyn Group, a marketing and public affairs firm and President of MWBE Times, offering certification services.


Marketing, MWBE, supplier diversity, social media, strategy

Chad Patterson

Boston, MA

Chad is a business executive and strategic visionary, with 15+ years of experience in finance, sales, and marketing. Chad has successfully founded three ventures and is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs scale their ventures.


Access to Capital, Business Growth, and Start-up Strategy

Dee is a CEO and Certified Coach

Dee Clemmons

Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL

Dee is a CEO and Certified Coach with 29+ years of experience building successful businesses. Her dynamic coaching style is influenced by her experience as a full-time entrepreneur, lecturer, and public speaker. She is a data-driven, culture-embracing leader and founder of small businesses.


Access to capital, certifications, start-up strategy

Desha, a Business Advisor at AOF

Desha Elliott

Atlanta, GA

Desha, a Business Advisor at AOF, has 10+ years of experience creating and delivering brand awareness and strategic planning for Fortune 500s and small businesses. In addition to consulting on social media content and engagement, she helps business owners build from the ground up.


Business growth, marketing, social media

Gladys is a business credit advisor

Gladys Castro

Stockton, CA

Gladys is a business credit advisor with 8+ years of experience. She helps entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses by helping them access capital, including loans. She loves to work with entrepreneurs in both Spanish and English.


Financial management, access to capital, start-up strategy

Joy M. Hutton

Houston, TX

Joy is a management consultant, tech entrepreneur, and startup advisor with nearly 20 years of experience in human resources, operations, strategic planning, ideation, and marketing. Advocate for small business owners and founders and committed to helping them overcome barriers and run high growth businesses.


Human resources, operations, business strategy, marketing, social media

Kristen is a business attorney committed

Kristen Herwitz

Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA

Kristen is a business attorney committed to helping BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and women protect their work and themselves as their businesses and impacts grow. She built her law practice by paying it forward, investing at least 10% of profits in organizations supporting women and social justice.


Compliance, legal issues, real estate

Luis Ramos has 10+ years of experience mentoring entrepreneurs

Luis Ramos

San Antonio, TX

Luis Ramos has 10+ years of experience mentoring entrepreneurs, building teams, and creating the processes needed to launch successful businesses. He has advised more than 1,000 businesses from ideas to reaching their goals in both Spanish and English.


Access to capital, financial management, start-up strategy

Nicole, the CEO of Thrive In Design

Nicole LaShae Ben

Baltimore, MD

Nicole, the CEO of Thrive In Design, is a design and sales strategist who has worked with product-based companies to generate millions in sales over the past decade. She loves working with entrepreneurs to create and launch innovative ideas and sales strategies using a human-centered approach.


Business growth, design, start-up strategy

Oren Shani

Denver, CO

Oren is a certified business advisor with 10+ years of experience. He started, managed, and expanded his own small business, providing disability accommodations for live events across the country. He helps business owners understand their vision and make a plan to achieve their goals.


Financial management, access to capital, start-up strategy

o Viridiana is a small business consultant, trainer, and coach

Viridiana Ponce

Portland, OR

Viridiana is a small business consultant, trainer, and coach with 12+ years of accounting, finance, and entrepreneurial experience. She is passionate about sharing her experience, resources, and tools. She loves to work with small business entrepreneurs in both in Spanish and English.


Access to capital, financial management, start-up strategy

Lindsay Chung is a program manager at AOF

Lindsay Chung

Denver, CO

Lindsay Chung is a program manager at AOF with 12+ years of experience in accounting and finance. She has worked with hundreds of small businesses at all stages on understanding credit, managing cash flow, analyzing financials, improving bookkeeping practices, and accessing financing.


Financial management, access to capital


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