Why AOF? - Accion Opportunity Fund

Why AOF?

We provide fast, personalized support so small business owners of all identities can thrive.


Our Impact

We are upending racial and gender inequities in the traditional financial sector, and catalyzing change so small business owners of all identities can thrive.


Diverse clients


Jobs created and retained


Economic activity

Our lending model

When you repay your loan, we’ll reinvest that money in other small businesses. By taking out a loan, you not only allow your own business to thrive, but you also help support other small businesses owners in your community and beyond.

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What makes us different

At Accion Opportunity Fund, we do things differently. We’re here to support you, and provide you with the resources your business needs to thrive.

  • A non-profit lender

    Because we don’t exist to make profit, we use the money from your repayment to support other business owners

  • Customized loans and repayment terms

    No two businesses are alike, so we structure loans that work for your business, not someone else’s

  • Support for anyone, no matter your credit score

    You're not just a number –– We look at more than just your credit score to determine business viability

They got back to me the very next day and said I got funded. I cried, because it felt like someone believed in me.

Shannen Enos Enos CPR

Staying afloat during the pandemic, I wanted to ensure that we had a future.

Deanna Sison Little Skillet

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