Taste of Microfinance Los Angeles 2019 Recap
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Taste of Microfinance Los Angeles 2019 Recap

Thank you, friends‎, for joining us at Taste of Microfinance and for supporting our mission to provide small business loans to hard-working entrepreneurs.


Guests at Taste of Microfinance

Taste of Microfinance is an important way for us to build our community of supporters in Greater Los Angeles. This annual event helps close the gap between a dream and an opportunity for thousands of local entrepreneurs – largely immigrants, women, and people of color. Thanks to you, we are tackling economic inequality so that hard work and perseverance means a shot at getting ahead, not just struggling to get by.

Every dollar invested has a ripple effect in our community. Because of you, small business owners will be able to hire more people, expand their businesses, and contribute to the local economy. Last year alone we invested $22M in LA County across 866 loans, and created or sustained 2,500 jobs. Thanks to you, that’s an economic boost of over $44M!

Congratulations to Ricky, owner of Ricky’s Fish Tacos, for winning Top Chef!

Ricky’s tacos were a huge success at Taste of Microfinance, but he has worked many years and overcome a number of obstacles to achieve his dream.

It was a stiff competition – Ricky’s Fish Tacos, Mess Hall Canteen, Sugarbird, Los Balcones, Coolhaus, and Wirtshaus were all strong contenders. Congratulations and thank you to all the chefs!


Taste of Microfinance food truck



Taste of Microfinance Guests


Host Committee Members
Natasha Case | Ron Gonen | Tara Roth | Gary Polk
David Greco | Lorene and Randy Chandler | Hogan Lee
Yohan Rupartne | Kirsten Ludwig

Annenberg Foundation | Goldhirsh Foundation

Arteen Arabshahi | Betsy Densmore | Chris Huang | Fred Li | Grace Kangdani
Kat Yalung | Kristine Soares | Linda Ba | Lisa Cleri Reale | Marta Ferro
Martin Sargeant | Dorima Hamilton

Amanda Byrd | Pilar Diaz | Adam Gabler | Shauna Nep

Regional Board Members
Amanda Byrd | Natasha Case | Ron Gonen | David Greco
Hogan Lee | Kirsten Ludwig | Shauna Nep | Tara Roth


Cathay Bank | Beneficial State Bank | Boston Private Bank
United Way | Manufacturer’s Bank | Union Bank

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