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Get Trusted Coaching for Your Business

Accion Opportunity Fund connects thousands of entrepreneurs with affordable capital each year, but we know there’s a lot more to business success than just the cash. That’s why we offer one-on-one, customized business coaching services with expert business coaches to small business owners across the country.


Learn how to optimize your business operations by leveraging resources, managing your supply chain and fulfillment strategy, expanding into new markets, and increasing overall efficiency.

Session length: 45 min

Advisor: Vivian Kaye

Digital Marketing

Build upon your current marketing and advertising efforts by focusing on establishing a strong digital presence throughout multiple channels, focusing on marketing analytics, and increasing your returns.

Session length: 45 min

Advisor: Roberto Martinez

Access to Capital & Credit Advising

Understand your capital options and get creative about ways to source funds based on your business needs. Optimize your financial and credit profiles to get access to the most competitive capital options available.

Session length: 45 min

Advisor: Luis Ramos


Get expert advice on legal resources, contracts, waivers, disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, and more. Reduce risk and liability and protect your assets and brand.

Session length: 45 min

Advisor: Pamela Rosario


Scale and optimize your e-commerce business and digital storefront by focusing on strategic planning, increasing operational efficiency, pricing, and leveraging data. Introduce new digital channels with a high degree of confidence.

Session length: 45 min

Advisor: Terrand Smith

Meet the Business Coaches

Accion Opportunity Fund works with a broad network of trusted professional business coaches to provide expert advising to entrepreneurs across the United States. Read on to learn more about our network of business coaches who can help you reach your goals.

Desha Elliot - Primary Advisor

Atlanta, GA

Desha, a Business Advisor at AOF, has 10+ years of experience creating and delivering brand awareness and strategic planning for Fortune 500s and small businesses. In addition to consulting on social media content and engagement, she helps business owners build from the ground up.

Chad Patterson – Primary Advisor

Boston, MA

Chad is a business executive and strategic visionary, with 15+ years of experience in finance, sales, and marketing. Chad has successfully founded three ventures and is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs scale their ventures.

Joy M. Hutton – Primary Advisor

Houston, TX

Joy is a management consultant, tech entrepreneur, and startup advisor with nearly 20 years of experience in human resources, operations, strategic planning, ideation, and marketing. Advocate for small business owners and founders and committed to helping them overcome barriers and run high growth businesses.

Vivian Kaye – Operations

Toronto, Canada

Vivian is the Founder of KinkyCurlyYaki, a premium textured hair extension brand for Black women that she bootstrapped to become a multimillion-dollar business. Along with her philanthropic efforts through mentorship, she has worked with many notable brands such as Shopify, Porsche Canada, LG Canada, Fairmont Hotels, Samsung, and American Express Canada to name a few.

Roberto Martinez – Digital Marketing

Los Angeles, CA

Roberto is the Founder and CEO of Braven Agency, a digital marketing agency that focuses on scaling small and medium-sized businesses. He is also a Google Digital Coach and National Trainer where he trains diverse small businesses on how to use digital tech tools to grow their business. He has run over 150 marketing and entrepreneurial workshops on behalf of tech companies and businesses including Google, Quickbooks, Univision, Stanford, UCLA, and USC.

Luis Ramos has 10+ years of experience mentoring entrepreneurs

Luis Ramos – Access to Capital and Credit Advising

San Antonio, TX

Luis leads the credit advising team at AOF and focuses on helping small business owners understand their financing options and ways to improve their credit readiness. He has 10+ years of experience mentoring entrepreneurs, providing access to capital, and creating the processes needed to scale successful businesses. He has advised more than 1,000 businesses from ideation to maturity in both English and Spanish.

Pamela Rosario – Legal

New Jersey

Pamela is a Latina attorney raised in NYC with over a decade of legal experience. After working for some of the world’s largest investment banks and law firms out of law school, she decided to open her own virtual law firm. Aside from her professional experience, Pamela is an entrepreneur at heart. One of Pamela’s personal missions is to teach entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs how to be savvy business owners who are legally protected every step of the way.

Terrand Smith – Ecommerce

Chicago, IL

A consummate retail professional, Terrand Smith oversaw close to $1 billion in revenue during her 15+ year-long career in corporate retail. Working at the headquarters of CVS, Sears/Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Steelcase, she managed, grew, and restored categories with thousands of products and hundreds of vendor partners in over 15,000 retail outlets and in e-commerce channels. Smith is now the Founder and CEO of 37 Oaks, a commerce development & learning laboratory that educates and prepares entrepreneurs for growth through e-commerce, wholesale, storefront and popup markets.

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