Digital Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners
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Digital Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners

Digital marketing experts share best practices every small business owner needs to maximize the impact of their digital marketing.


In this webinar presented by Accion Opportunity Fund and Colibri Digital Marketing, Andreina Villegas, Digital Marketing Manager, and Rose Carges, Content Manager, from Colibri share digital marketing tools and tactics for your small business.

Beginning with the basics of what digital marketing is, Villegas and Carges share their digital marketing philosophy and tactics to maximize impact. They also recommend the best tech tools for small business owners who manage their own digital marketing.

Recommended digital marketing tactics include:

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing (Including newsletters and lead capture)
  • Social Media Marketing (organic)
  • Digital Advertising (including Facebook Ads and Google Ads)
  • Analytics

Villegas and Carges also recommend next steps for evaluating your current digital marketing efforts and implementing data-driven digital marketing techniques.

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