Farmer’s Markets 101 | AOF Webinar
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Farmer’s Markets 101

Want to know how to be successful at farmer’s markets? Hear from top entrepreneurs, including tips on operations management and customer engagement, in our insightful webinar.


What to Expect From Our Webinar on Being Successful at Farmer’s Markets

Looking to make an impact at the Farmer’s Market this season? Watch this webinar, created in partnership with Accion Opportunity Fund and Brewing the American Dream to hear from experienced entrepreneurs about how to be successful at farmer’s markets, including tips and tricks on operations management and customer engagement.

Hear from amazing food, beverage, and farmer’s market experts like:

  • -Sheree Moratto, Sustainability and Capital Access Program Manager for the Rogers Park Business Alliance in Chicago, Illinois
  • -Heather Yunger, Chief Everything Officer of Boston-based Top Shelf Cookies
  • -Angela Taylor, Wellness Coordinator and a Board Member of the Garfield Park Community Council in Chicago, Illinois
  • -Uli Nasibova, Founder of Uli’s Gelato in Los Angeles, California

Topics Discussed in the Webinar:

  • How do you know if selling in a farmer’s market is a good fit for your business?
  • How to get started in a farmer’s market.
  • How to grow your farmer’s market business.
  • The benefits of selling in a farmer’s market.
  • How to connect with farmer’s market customers.
  • How to prepare for a farmer’s market or event stand.
  • The power of the farmer’s market community.
  • Tips and tricks for running a farmer’s market or event stand.
  • How to connect with the community.
  • How to adjust your business to the farmer’s market.
  • The pros and cons of sampling at farmer’s markets.
  • Social media marketing tips for farmer’s markets.
  • The importance of farmer’s markets to the community.
  • How to source your ingredients from a local farmer’s market.
  • Negotiating sales relationships with care.
  • How to support your local farmer’s market as a small business owner.
  • How to prepare for a new farmer’s market.
  • Where to get started with licensing and permitting for farmer’s markets.

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