Getting Your Financial House in Order: Small Business Finances
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Getting Your Financial House in Order: Small Business Finances

Keeping good records, like budgets and cashflow statements, of your small business finances is essential to business success.


Keeping good financial records for your business is essential to your success as a business owner. In this webinar, powered by Global Atlantic Financial Group and Accion Opportunity Fund, hear from business experts Beth Ann Dahan, Business Coach at Accion Opportunity Fund, and Andrew Paland, Senior Vice President at Global Atlantic Financial Group on tips to set your small business finances up for success.



Meet The Speakers

Beth Ann Dahan is a seasoned entrepreneur and business advisor with over 15 years of experience. With an MBA from Northeastern University and a wealth of experience as a successful business owner, she has helped hundreds of small businesses navigate the complexities of starting, growing, and surviving tough times.

Andrew Paland is a seasoned financial expert, Senior Vice President at Global Atlantic Financial Group, and a leader in corporate responsibility. Andrew’s team at Global Atlantic have a focused approach in corporate responsibility, contributing over $3 million dollars in community support.

This webinar will answer questions like:

  • How can managing your finances help your business?
  • What are the best practices for managing your business finances?
  • How can these tools help you grow your business?
  • What are some common financial challenges that small businesses face and how can they address them?
  • How can small business owners create a budget and stick to it?
  • How can small businesses build and maintain a strong credit score?
  • What are some best practices for small businesses to manage cash flow?
  • What can businesses do to start the year off strong?

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