Maximize Profit: Strategies for Small Business Owners -
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Maximize Profit: Strategies for Small Business Owners

You’ll leave this webinar with actionable insights and tools to help you reach your financial goals and maximize profit.

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In this comprehensive webinar designed specifically for small business owners, our experienced speakers share insider tips and strategies to help you identify and reduce unnecessary costs, price your products and services effectively, and manage your finances for increased cash flow. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you’ll leave this session with actionable insights and tools to help you reach your financial goals and maximize profit. Watch this webinar to take your small business to new heights!


Meet The Speakers

Penny Mickey

Dr. Penny Mickey is the owner and operator of the Memphis based gourmet popcorn business, Mickey’s Popcorn. Penny worked with her husband to create a business that blends the nonprofit with the forprofit world. On top of amazing flavors like Oreo and Kentucky Bourbon Caramel , Penny has firsthand experience with all elements of e-commerce, retail, and managing her successful small business

Viridiana Ponce

Viridiana has provided training, coaching, and consulting services in both Spanish & English, to over 1000 entrepreneurs since 2014. She supports clients in developing financial projections, managing finances, accessing capital, and strengthening their food operations. Viridiana draws on 15+ years of accounting, finance, food, and entrepreneurial experience and her mission is to empower, enrich & educate her community.


Maximize Profit

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • How pricing strategy relates to maximizing profit margins
  • How to identify and reduce unnecessary costs in your business
  • The most important financial metrics for small business owners to monitor when they are trying to increase profit
  • The best time to invest in your business to increase profit margins and maximize profit
  • Common financial mistakes that small business owners make that impact profit and how can to avoid them

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