What to Share on Social Media
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What to Share on Social Media

Social media is crucial for any marketing plan - but what should you be investing time in? We'll help you decide what to share on social media.

What to Share on Social Media

One of the main challenges for any small business’s social media strategy is generating high-quality, engaging content for your audience. Your social media followers want to see fresh, engaging posts when they visit your social media, or else they’ll just keep scrolling. Here are 5 pro tips for generating stellar content and knowing what to share on social media.

1. A Picture (or Video) IS Worth A Thousand Words

Experts recommend using photos, videos, and graphics to give your social media shares a kick.

Consider how you use social media – most of us aren’t spending more than a few seconds on each post. So your visual content should really pop to catch users’ eyes and it should be easily digestible. People are a lot more likely to watch a 6-second gif than a 30-minute video.

You can use photos of your products, your services, and your employees. You can also post other content that fits your brand. If you cater to millennials, for example, you can always post a funny cat video! Also, Pablo for Buffer allows you to create your own branded images with custom texts. You can then use the Buffer App to schedule and share your custom images across multiple social media channels. That means you can handle a bunch of social posts at once rather than taking time out to do it every day.

2. Offer Something Exclusive

Social media platforms are the perfect way to share exclusive offers, contests, or giveaways with your followers. Providing an exclusive bonus discount or promotion to your audience shows them that your business values their loyalty and it incentivizes them to stay engaged with your social media channels.

On your website and at your physical location (if you’re brick and mortar), encourage your customers to follow your social media channels so they get access to those exclusive deals.

3. Start Conversations

You don’t want your social channels to feel like a solid wall of advertising – the whole point of social media is to engage with people. That means commenting on other people’s or businesses ‘ posts, sharing other folks’ content, and keeping up the conversation. It shows that you care about your customers and also gives your advertising a more human feel.

Post a question on your Facebook page asking for comments on their last dining experience at your restaurant. Or post a photo of your new holiday jewelry line on your Instagram and ask followers to vote for their favorite necklace. Anything you can to do open the lines of communication with your social media followers will boost brand loyalty.

4. Make Them Laugh

According to the Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising poll, “47 percent agreed that humorous ads resonated with them the most.” Sharing something humorous with your social media audience can help them remember you. Creating laughter also boosts positive mental associations with your businesses’ products or services.

Don’t worry that you need to write your own stand-up material for your social media channels. If you find something funny online, share it or repost it. One caveat: Just be sure to err on the side of good taste. Off-color humor may offend and cause you to lose followers.

5. Seasonally Appropriate Content / Current Trends

One thing your audience wants to see from your social media posts is freshly updated content. Focus on reaching your audience in a timely way by sharing current, seasonal posts.

This need not only apply only to major holidays or current events. Superbowl Sunday – do you have a football graphic to share along with a pizza delivery special? Or, on Earth Day, share a video about the world’s most beautiful spots to promote your camping supply store.

The same concept applies to current events and hot trends. Share what’s going on in the world around you with your social media audience. The topics which are currently trending online will often resonate with a large section of your social media followers – and more people will be likely to see it. Is there a news story that is in line with your business? If so, hop on the trend and post about that current development. If you’re sharing trends or other news sources, always be sure to credit the original source to avoid any copyright issues.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes (And Behind Their Screens)

Social media can seem a little overwhelming, but there’s a simple trick that can make it easier – just think about what you like to see when you’re online! Think about the brands and personalities that you follow. What kind of content catches your eye? How does it affect your perception of that brand? Use your own experience to put yourself in the mindset of your users and produce the content you know will work.

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