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Get Tax Season Ready | Small Business Tax Preparation

Expert business coaches guide you through the maze of small business taxes. Learn how to stay compliant, time-saving strategies, and practical tips.


In this webinar, presented in partnership with FOUND/LA and Accion Opportunity Fund, AOF business advisors Luis Ramos and Oren Shani share their best practices to get your small business ready for tax season. Our expert business coaches will guide you through the maze of small business tax preparation. You’ll learn how to stay compliant, discover time-saving strategies for organizing your finances, and receive practical tips to manage your taxes. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this webinar is perfect for anyone looking to simplify the tax preparation process and ensure tax season success.



Topics Include:

  • Expert tips for a smoother tax season
  • How to get organized ahead of tax season
  • Small business tax preparation tips
  • Important tax deadlines
  • Where to get help on your taxes
  • How to prepare your taxes for business growth
  • How your legal business entity impacts your business taxes
  • The four main types of business taxes
    • Income tax
    • Employment tax
    • Self-employment tax
    • Excise tax
  • The importance of good record keeping
  • How your small business taxes change if you have W-2 employees
  • How your small business taxes change if you have 1099 contractors
  • How your accounting method (cash vs accrual) impacts your taxes
  • How to file taxes if you are self employed
  • How to deduct business expenses


Small Business Taxes by Business Entity

Tax requirements for small businesses vary by business entity. The chart below summarizes the essential tax information for each entity type.


Meet the Experts:

Luis Ramos, Director of Business Advising at AOF. Luis has 10+ years of experience mentoring entrepreneurs, building teams, and creating the processes needed to launch successful businesses. He has advised more than 1,000 businesses from ideas to reaching their goals in both Spanish and English.

Oren Shani is a credit advisor and certified business coach with Accion Opportunity Fund. Oren has 10+ years of experience managing businesses and advising other business owners. He started, managed, and expanded his own business, providing disability accommodations for live events across the country. He now helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their own businesses.

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The information provided in this webinar is for informational purposes only and does not constitute the rendering of legal, accounting, tax or other professional services advice by Accion Opportunity Fund or any of their respective subsidiaries or affiliates, and is provided without any warranty whatsoever.

Presented in proud partnership between Accion Opportunity Fund and FOUND/LA

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