Psychology of Selling: The Power of Persuasion
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Psychology of Selling: The Power of Persuasion

At the end of the day, sales is really just about psychology. This is your crash course in business psych and the psychology of selling.

Psychology of Selling

Did you know that there are basic psychology-based tips that can help you persuade your sales prospects to buy? Closing the deal can be quicker, simpler, and more direct when you employ these simple tactics to help you learn the psychology of selling and foster a true connection with your prospects.

Here are seven powerful lessons we’ve learned about the psychology of selling that you can use to grow your business.

1. The Number One Way to Close a Sale

Our first tip is so simple, and yet so effective, you’re hardly going to believe it. The number one way to help you close a sale is by displaying enthusiasm for your product or service. That’s it!

Enthusiasm is so powerful because it generates an unprompted, but real, emotional reaction in your prospective buyer. Learning how to 1) show that you are excited and 2) how to share your excitement about your product or service will earn you many more sales.

2. The Power of a Smile

Another simple, low-cost strategy to help you persuade others? Smile. This tip goes hand-in-hand with showing enthusiasm. If you smile at your sales prospect, they will automatically consider you more helpful and engaged than another salesperson who’s not smiling. Laughter has a similar effect on others, so sharing a laugh can generate a sale.

Other people can even tell if you’re smiling even if they can’t see you. That means that when you are speaking to a sales prospect over the phone, smiling while doing so will make the tone of your voice uplifting, which can be contagious. The next time you’re trying to make the sale, smile broadly and show enthusiasm—and you’ll be far more likely to close the deal.

3. Tell Sales Prospects Why You Need Them to Act

Whether it’s listening to your sales pitch or buying the product, giving people a reason why they should make it more likely they’ll do what you ask. Tell them why they should listen to you. Tell them why they should buy the product. Research shows it doesn’t matter how silly or unrelated that “why” is. Any reason given to a prospective client can help make the sale.

4. Nod Along with Your Sales Prospects

Perhaps you’ve heard of priming? Priming your sales prospect means that they are more likely to go along with your suggestions.

Humans are visual creatures and we respond to each other’s facial and bodily clues. The simple act of nodding your head can help prime your prospects to agree with you later when you ask them to buy your product or service. Try nodding in agreement with your sales prospect when they speak; it can help close the deal.

5. Practice the Power of Eye Contact (Even Over Email)

According to studies at Cornell University, eye contact fosters a sense of connection with the other person. While it’s easy to remember to do that in person, it’s a good idea to take the tip online, if your business has an e-commerce component.

Include a headshot with your email signature so you can “make eye contact” with your sales prospect. Including a headshot in your email signature is an easy way to make that human connection over a digital medium and increase your chances of getting an online sale.

6. Create a Scene of Urgency

One tried and true psychological tactic to help make the sale is to convince your prospect that there’s a real sense of urgency. The less time they have before the special promotion is over, the better. Likewise, sharing that there are only “a few” items left will create a sense of scarcity that can help close the deal. No one likes to miss out on a great deal!

7. Use the Right Words

Words evoke emotions in all of us. Some words generate positive emotions, others negative ones. Almost every word can evoke an emotional response, so it’s important to choose words carefully when pitching sales prospects. Your role as a salesperson is to choose language that evokes a positive response in your prospects.

Which words have the most impact for salespeople? Check out this resource for 14 words and phrases which will generate a positive response in your prospects.

It’s All in Your Head

The power of persuasion is crucial to successful sales. A couple of basic tips can help you get in your customers’ heads and make that sale.

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