[Webinar] Cash Flow Planning for Small Businesses: Expect the Unexpected
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Cash Flow Planning for Small Businesses: Expect the Unexpected

This webinar discusses tools and strategies for tracking cash flow and the value of working capital to smooth out future cash flow needs. 


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What to Expect From Our Webinar on Cash Flow Planning for Small Businesses

In this webinar, presented by Funding Fresno and the Central Valley Community Foundation, in collaboration with Accion Opportunity Fund, Luis Ramos, the Director of Business Advising at Accion Opportunity Fund covers: 

  • Tools and strategies for tracking cash flow 
  • Best practices for building your business savings 
  • Trusted methods of anticipating new expenses 
  • The value of working capital to smooth out cash flow needs in the future. 

Cash Flow Planning Tool Recommendations

Ramos discusses the benefits of having an organized financial management system and makes recommendations for popular tools for tracking your business’ finances, like: 

  • A Paper Ledger 
  • Excel Templates 
  • Quicken 
  • QuickBooks 
  • Wave 
  • Xero 
  • Float 
  • Scoro 
  • Mint 

Managing Business and Personal Finances

Ramos also reviews the definition of cash flow (money moving in and out of your business over a specified period of time), the importance of budgeting, and how understanding your cash flow helps you to make informed business decisions. 

Using external capital (loans) to smooth out business cash flow or make investments are powerful tools for strengthening your business. Ramos walks through the pros and cons of different types of external capital, with the help of examples of businesses with uneven cash flow cycles. 

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