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Pricing Your Products for Success

Finding “the right price” for your product or service can be hard, especially during high inflation. Learn how to price for business growth.


Finding “just the right price” for your product or service can be hard, especially during times of high inflation, but this webinar is here to help. Learn how to confidently and strategically price your items to support your business growth.

In this webinar, powered by Global Atlantic Financial Services, small business experts Beth Ann Dahan, a business advisor at AOF, and Viridiana Ponce, a business consultant at VP Consulting and a coach at AOF’s Coaching Hub, share pricing strategies and best practices for your small business. Viri and Beth Ann also answer pressing questions about inflation and small businesses.

Topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • What is a pricing strategy?
  • How to choose the right pricing strategy for your business
  • The elements of a winning pricing strategy
  • Pricing strategy models
  • The pros, cons, and long term challenges of setting a low price
  • Pricing strategies during high inflation
  • How to deal with inflation in a small business

To learn more about the best pricing strategy for your small business (or any other business questions you might have), sign up for a free coaching session at our Coaching Hub.

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